The beginning- My play with creativity

At the very outset, I’ve to admit that I can’t claim to be a creative person. But one thing for sure. I often feel a deep urge to create something. And that’s where lies the seed of starting this blog.

Anyway, It’s my starting in blogging. Just inauguration. It’s a special moment for me, but nothing special for you today. I’d like to express my feelings in different areas from today. And my source of inspiration for starting this blog has come from three young students, viz.- Pankaj Jyoti Mahanta, Manjil P. Saikia and Scott H. Young. Pankaj da and Manjil da from Assam has really done nice job by starting the first bilingual e-magazine of mathematics in India, namely ‘GONITSORA’. I have learnt a lot from their individual blogs also. Especially, Pankaj da’s blog ‘EI XAMAYOT’ in Assamese is really nice one and rare in our mother language. And the third one i.e., Scott H. Young from Canada is also a source of inspiration for me. I’ve gone through a lot of articles from his blog regarding skill development and various aspects of life. Finally, I hope you will encourage, cooperate and advice me on my initiative.


Recently, I started writing my new English articles on another blog. So, all of my English writings can be found on that blog.

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